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Think First. Act Second.

Indigo animates a few Think and Do Tanks, so we can work together at creating a more positive future.

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Indigo - Global Network of Mindful Doers - Community Ambassador Bisila Bokoko

Bisila Bokoko - Speaker & Philanthropist, Indigo Ambassador

 "Alignment, Mindfulness, and Empathy are ways to solve today's challenges. Artists and Entrepreneurs have a common responsibility in creating a new imagination and empowering others to shift paradigm. I am proud and grateful to be an Indigo Ambassador, so we connect Mindful Doers globally."
"Which kind of energy do we want to fuel on to change the world? Love or fear? We need to collectively a new imagination, and Indigo has chosen foster people to bring to life positive projects".
Marc De la Ménardière - Film Director and Story Teller
John Oppermann - Environmentalist & Executive Director at Earth Day Initiative
      "At Indigo there is an atmosphere of energy and care that you wouldn't find in other places. The depth of what Indigo members are working on are outstanding."
"As founder and creative director at In Limen, I believe Indigo is the perfect partner to accompany our mission by creating a constellation of mindful actors of change"
Diane Giraud- Artistic Director, Visual Artist and In Limen Co-Founder

Bisila Bokoko - Entrepreneur and Philantropist (NYC)

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