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The world is at the edge of a Collective Conscious Evolution and needs to transition from a society defined by individualism, fear and competition into one of Oneness. Indigo is a community of Conscious Entrepreneurs, Artists, Thinkers, and Change-Makers We foster creativity and sharing between members so they can create positive ventures.

Samdhong Rinpoche, Tibetan buddhist monk, practicing mindfulness, counselor of the Dalai Lama
The Problems of the World are not due to the power of harmful people, but to the inability of mindful people to organize in network, and act at scale.

His Eminence Professor Samdhong Rinpoche
(former Prime Minister of Tibet - Counselor of the Dalai Lama)

Bisila Bokoko - Entrepreneur and Philantropist (NYC)

Community Makes Us Stronger

Our role? Connecting you with like-minded Entrepreneurs, Artists, Thinkers, and Change-Makers ...

Mass meditation of the Big Quiet for mindfulness, networking events for mindful entrepreneur, artists, and change-makers, mentoring and fund raising from our incubator


But the Journey to Mindfulness is not a straight line, so we created Indigo
not to show you the path
but more as a compass to help you make your way.

Our Mission Is To Fuse Mindfulness With Actions

Power up your network, while connecting with other Conscious Doers, in your city ______

Monthly gathering of Mindful and conscious entrepreneurs working on social and environmental impact
networking and personal connector to help change-makers create meaningful connections

Get a Personal Connector who will create meaningful connections and introductions, just fo you ____

Join us for highly curated Experiences, Dinners, and Master Classes with our network of Experts and inspiring Leaders _______

events, gala, curated dinners, for social and environmental impact funds
our four areas of investment for the incubator are Education, Art and Experiences, Film and Documentaries, and Behavioral Sciences

"The Foundation" is an Mentoring Program for Mindful Doers, providing mentoring, support, and access to investment for cutting-edge projects _____

You are a Mindful Doer, if you have a mindful practice and make an impact through what you do

To keep a cohesive and qualitative community, Members should belong to the following categories:

Indigo - Global Network of Mindful Doers - Impact Social InvestmentIndigo - Global Network of Mindful Doers - Social EntrepreneurIndigo - Global Network of Mindful Doers - Creative and ArtIndigo - Global Network of Mindful Doers - Sustainability

Indigo is by Application-Only.
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"Every members are cherry-picked, yet the community remain very inclusive. It's all about heart, brain and humility. That's why the energy is so special and unique.
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
"Which kind of energy do we want to fuel on to change the world? Love or fear?
Indigo has chosen the Mindfulness path to bring to life positive projects".
Movie Director, Storyteller
"As founder and creative director at In Limen, I believe Indigo is the perfect partner to accompany our mission by creating a constellation of mindful actors of change"
Visual Artist, Art Director
"At Indigo there is an atmosphere of energy and care that you wouldn't find in other places. The depth of what Indigo members are working on are outstanding. "
Entrepreneur, Incubator

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